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Sit-Stand Desk solutions by manufacturer Yo-Yo DESK®

UK’s Best-Selling Range of Standing Desks.

  • Yo-Yo DESK® PRO executive sit-stand desk. German designed, dual motors, Silent Motion™ technology. Excellent performance and unbeatable value for money. Four options: PRO2 / PRO3 (Standard height) or PRO2+ / PRO3+ (Extra height)
  • Yo-Yo DESK® LEARN optimal sit-stand solution for classroom or dynamic work environments. Available in Black or White
  • Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC standing desk range for smooth height adjustment via gas spring. 4 sizes: MINI, 90cm, 120cm, or CUBE
  • Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM has a lighter frame and a slimmer desktop. Smooth height adjustment operated by a single handle. 3 sizes: 80-S, 95-S, CUBE-S
  • Yo-Yo DESK® GO height-adjustable desk to 50cm, attach a single or dual monitor for optimal ergonomics. Available in Black or White

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