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Working from home essentials

Working from home essentials

Many of us are having to hastily transform a corner of the house into a makeshift workstation as more and more businesses ask their office workers to work from home. If you are one of the millions in this situation, it is important to make sure you do it properly to ensure you apply the basic measures to improve your health, posture and productivity.

And you might also want to do it soonest as in Australia, standing desks are selling out FAST as employees scramble to set up home offices in anticipation of being forced in home-working mode.

As Harvard Health experts put it:
“There is still much that researchers don't know about the intricacies and interconnectedness of the immune response,” but in the meantime, “general healthy-living strategies are a good way to start giving your immune system the upper hand”.

With self-isolation likely to become the norm, and offices across the UK encouraging – or insisting – staff work from home, make sure yours is best equipped to meet Covid-19 guidelines. For the good of your health: avoid spending hours on end seated at a desk or table when homeworking.

Our low-priced Yo-Yo DESK® 90 is included in T3 magazine’s ‘Remote working toolkit: The essential tools you need’ : good advice.

We also get a mention in The Guardian newspaper’s computing from home must-haves, which recommends our Yo-Yo DESK® 90 desk riser.

When you are choosing your standing desk, consider the raising mechanism it offers. Our gas-powered and electric-powered systems make for simple, low-impact height adjustment: perfect if you find the spring mechanism employed by some brands difficult or awkward to operate.

Here’s our shopping list of effective home office essentials during these coronavirus days. We recommend:

Electric standing desk

The most effective way of raising your game when working.
Why? Perfect for a dedicated home office you’ll be using on an ongoing basis, with a need for plenty of desk-top space during your working day. A variety of cost and colour options, to fit every space. Stand-up working will become your norm with electric function that makes it simple to raise and lower in an instant.

Try: Yo-Yo DESK® PRO (German designed budget range of electric height-adjustable standing desks. Starting from only £357 ex VAT and delivery)

NEED Next Day delivery?

Sit-Stand.Com® offers delivery of 48-hours (self-assembly) and 7-12 days (with installation service) on electric desk solutions.

Desk riser

Instantly transform your desk or table into a height-adjustable working surface. Why? Because spending all day seated is not just bad for your health, it is also a drain on your motivation and productivity, especially if you are working from home where stimulation from co-workers is limited.

Anti-fatigue mat

Reduce muscle ache while working.

Why? Long hours in one position put strain on your joints and muscles. A cushioned mat encourages you to make micro movements that help keep your circulation moving, your metabolism active and oxygen flowing to your brain.
Try: Yo-Yo MAT® (comes in a variety of sizes/thicknesses to suit all needs)

Monitor Arm

A device that clips onto your work surface to elevate your screen, laptop or tablet Why? Hours spent in front of a screen at the wrong height/angle can cause neck, back, shoulder and eye strain. A monitor arm allows you to perfectly adjust your workstation set-up.
Try: Libero Monitor Arm (available for single or double screen mounting)

Whatever your workplace set-up, make sure your equipment is properly set up to avoid unnecessary aches and strains. This diagram from the Sit-Stand user guidelines will help:

Need help with your home office set up? Get in touch with the expert team who know all our solutions inside-out and can offer bespoke advice on what will suit your needs, plus how quickly active working solutions can be delivered.