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We are often humbled by the life changing impact our solutions have on customers.
In less than 5 years we have turned 20,000 sedentary companies active and sold over 200,000 active office solutions moving up/down around the world. However it’s the personal stories which really stick with us. We thank those who have kindly shared with us their journey to improved wellness and productivity.

Neil Jensen - Semi-retired Football and Business Writer
“I bought DeskPro 1 and it has been terrific. Having spent 41 years in the City of London and desk based, I always had problems with my shoulders and neck. I write every day and in retirement (I am 60 now), I wanted to have a better quality of working life. Read More
I returned to my old employer in January and they had installed convertible desks (as they had in Germany at their HQ). I was so impressed, I decided to find a similar model. Since buying one 6 months ago, it has certainly changed my working life. I feel more energised, lively and as a result, my shoulders are much better. I feel re-vitalised and enjoy the experience of standing more.”

Kelly Price - Back and hip pain sufferer!
“I’m a 54-year old woman who recently had a Yo-Yo DESK 90 set up at my workplace. I had asked my employer if it was possible for me to have a sit-stand desk due to multiple problems with my back and hips through the years. I had been experiencing a lot of stiffness and pain at the end of my work day and a friend mentioned it might help for me to get a standing desk. My employer agreed and WOW what a difference it has made!! Read More
I no longer go home at the end of a workday with major stiffness and pain and that has allowed me to be able to do more in the evenings and my quality of life has increased and gotten better! It also has allowed me, I feel, to work more proficiently and effectively. When I am standing…. I know this might sound a bit strange… but I feel more confident and that carries over when talking to my customers so it’s a win-win for everybody!"

Martin Ryder - Business Owner - Protexin
“We are a Probiotics manufacture based in Somerset with 160 staff. We were doing our DSE assessments and noticed members of staff desks were set up correctly, but they were still reporting discomfort. We looked into various solutions and came across the Yo-Yo DESK MINI innovative concept, we trialled the product first and were impressed with the build quality and the response that we got back from our staff. Read More
The following is a response from one or our team: “As I regularly go to the gym in the mornings and weight train I struggle to sit for prolonged periods as I consequently suffer from lactic acid build up. Since standing I’ve not suffered from lactic acid build up and I feel freer moving ie less tense. Additionally, I feel much more productive standing! I don’t get the afternoon slump that I would often feel come on when sitting. I am a massive advocate of the Sit-Stand Desk!”

Kevin Woods - Design Director
“I’d been suffering with back problems for a while and knew that sitting at a desk all day wasn’t doing me any favours. I was recommended a standing desk by several people and as these have proved popular with design agencies much like ours, I decided to investigate it. I carried out some research and discovered that as well as health benefits, standing desks were also said to improve productivity and communication. I’ve had my standing desk for 3 months now and can safely say it’s made a real difference. Read More
On an average day, I stand up at my desk for around 3 hours. I’ve noticed that I have far more energy throughout the day when I do so, I’m am able to work faster and more efficiently. My bad back is no longer an issue, and my posture has improved too. Because I can position my computer screens exactly where I want them, I’ve also noticed that I experience fewer neck problems now as well."

Diane Aldridge - self-employed planning consultant
“I ordered the Yo-Yo DESK 90 about 8 months ago. I am A lot of my day is spent in front of a computer processing and writing emails, researching and writing reports. Because I work from home, I do not have a set length of work day so I may be in front of a computer 8+ hours a day and sometimes for 4 hours at a time. I used to use an exercise ball to sit on, instead of a chair, to improve my core, but the cat put paid to that with its claws! Read More

About a year ago I moved to having two computer screens which helps immensely. I have been trying to get fit and improving my metabolic age was a focus for me as (according to the Boditrax at the gym)I was 10 years older than my actual age! I researched what I could do about it and as well as generally increasing my fitness and losing weight. I read that having a sedentary desk-based job would not be helping. I found the link to the BBC item on the sitstand desk and had a look at the options. I have a large old partners desk that I use and so I needed the right product to sit on this, as well as accommodate my two screens. I therefore went for the larger Yo-Yo DESK 90 model and I have not been disappointed.

It was incredibly easy to install (if a little heavy) and I gradually built up the time I had it in the standing position by combining it with an alarm on my Alexa. I now ask Alexa to set a 30-minute timer – my sitting time – and then when the time is up, I simply click the handles and pull the desk up to the standing position. I then put a 1-hour timer on. If this goes off and I am happy to continue standing, I simply re-set the timer. Then, when I move the desk to the sitting position, I again make sure I only do this for 30 minutes and repeat this timing throughout the day.

I now find I am more alert and have more energy; I do not have any aches and pains (I have historically suffered from back problems including prolapsed discs from which I was twice hospitalised); I move about more when working in a standing position (shifting weight from leg to leg and generally engaging more core muscles) which I find also helps with concentration and “thinking time”; the focus of timing the periods of sitting and standing has improved the overall efficiency of working and time management and (combined with general fitness and improved diet and drinking more water) my metabolic age is now 10 years less than my age (which is 52!).

All in all, I have found using the sitstand a very positive experience and am happy to share my thoughts."

Alan Mathias - IT Jockey with pulmonary embolism
“After a 5-week rest period I returned to work. On the advice of my consultant, I was advised to make changes to my lifestyle to avoid long periods of sitting down. As my job as an IT jockey requires me to stare at a computer screen most of the day, I asked my employer about a sit/ stand desk to give me the option of standing periodically throughout the day. Read More

My employer kindly agreed and purchased me the Yo-Yo DESK 90.

Now I usually go into “stand mode” around 11am until lunch time – and then again from around 4pm until I go home. I find that being able to stand (obviously) encourages me to be more mobile and I will frequently move around the office during phone calls. Generally, I find myself being more productive as alternating between sit and stand stops me getting lethargic (especially after lunch!). As I am generally more productive and feel better, I am a happier person!"