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Active Working® Seminar at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

Active Working® Seminar at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

Active Working® is heading to Clerkenwell Design Week! As part of the event, Gavin Bradley (founder of On Your Feet Britain® and Yo-Yo Office®) will present an engaging seminar on active working and its transformative impact on workplace health and productivity.

Celebrating a decade of the Get Britain Standing campaign, Gavin Bradley's Active Working® seminar at Clerkenwell Design Week promises to be an enlightening and inspiring event for anyone interested in promoting health and wellness in the workplace. In his presentation, Gavin will delve into the importance of combatting the "Sitting Disease" and the benefits of incorporating active working practices into daily routines. Attendees can expect insightful discussions on the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting and practical strategies for promoting movement and posture in office environments.

Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is one of the most anticipated events in the design calendar, bringing together industry professionals, creatives, and design enthusiasts from around the world. This annual celebration of design innovation takes place from 21-23 May in the vibrant district of Clerkenwell, London. With a bustling atmosphere and a plethora of curated exhibitions, engaging installations, and insightful talks, CDW offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of design.

In addition to the seminar, attendees will have the opportunity to experience Yo-Yo OFFICE®'s latest products firsthand. Gavin will introduce Yo-Yo WELLNESS®, the new sustainable SMART Desk range from Sweden, which delivers 50% higher usage rates and improved health outcomes. The expanding Yo-Yo POD® range, including the "Twist" and "Move" options, will also be showcased, offering unique mobile and modular solutions for modern workspaces. Another highlight is the new Yo-Yo WALL®, a modular acoustic wall designed to keep client meeting spaces agile and active, with battery-powered capabilities for AV presentations.

Join us at Clerkenwell Design Week and be part of the movement towards a more dynamic and health-conscious workplace culture. Register for the event here to gain valuable insights, experience innovative products, and connect with industry leaders in design and workplace wellness.

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