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We are committed to building Sit-Stand.Com into the world’s favourite Standing Desk Megastore and ensuring that our solutions are used to deliver to their full wellness potential. A healthy customer is a happy customer!

Evidence informs us that usage of sit-stand desks is FOUR TIMES HIGHER if expert certified education and training is provided by Active Working®. That’s why we provide or sponsor Active Working Seminars®.

What is Active Working?
Active Working® incorporates simple 'behavioural' steps to get people standing and moving more often during their working day. The target is to reduce regular office sitting time by a minimum of 2 hours a day by a series of regular activity interruptions which include standing at your desk, standing in meetings, walking meetings and ad hoc movement activities.

In January 2015 Public Health England and Active Working C.I.C jointly commissioned an Expert Statement on the status and impact of prolonged sitting in the office FREE Download A number of core recommendations were published..
Core Recommendations
Accumulate 2 hours daily of standing and light activity (light walking) during working hours
Break up seated based work with standing based work regularly. This is easily achieved with the use of adjustable sit-stand desks/work stations
Avoid prolonged periods of static sitting (and standing)
Employers should promote reduction of sitting down either at work or at home alongside other health goals
Active Working Tips
Get leadership support within your organisation. Start your own campaign. It works!
Educate your colleagues about the dangers of prolonged and excessive sitting
Create an environment that is supportive of change
Take every opportunity to move around. Take frequent breaks
Take phone calls standing up, this also boosts confidence and voice quality
Try removing tables and chairs from meeting rooms. This leads to shorter meetings
Take the stairs instead of the lift
Walk to a colleague's desk, instead of emailing
Stand during presentations or speeches
Try a “Walking Meeting”
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Active Working Delivers
Active Working increases in employee wellness and performance have been proven to result from regular break-up and overall reduction of workplace sedentary behaviour.
A fully integrated expert approach means our clients source the optimal mix of solutions with the necessary training and support to maximise the benefits and return on investment.

Learn more about the simple steps to Active Working and how it can deliver measurable improvements in employee health, productivity & engagement.

As part of our commitment to increase sit-stand usage levels and behaviour change, Sit-Stand.Com offers FREE user guidelines. Speak to a member of our team for details on
0333 22 00 375.