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Benefits of Active Seating

Top 4 Benefits
  • Avoid Prolonged Sitting

    The health risks linked to “prolonged sitting” are extensively researched. When we sit, we need to avoid bouts of 30 minutes or more and regularly break-up sitting with standing, a stretch or a mini walk. All movement helps to activate or "jump start" important physiological organs.
  • Keeps You Moving

    Active Seating solutions help us to sit less and move more when using a sit-stand or standing desk. They make it difficult for us to remain static and thus easier to move to our next position. Health experts say "your next position is your best position" so when we do sit – we are able to move more easily and more often.
  • Engage Core Muscles

    Active Seating solutions differ from regular desk chairs or task chairs, because they encourage frequent movement which engages core muscles groups. They also facilitate the hips to slant slightly forward, moving your back into positive alignment and thereby reducing the risk of slouching.
  • Increase Productivity

    What’s more, these ergonomic seating solutions increase productivity too. Improved concentration and less physical strain will help you develop a more positive attitude to help you get your work done.
Things to consider BEFORE BUYING
  • Is it height-adjustable? If yes, you may also use the solution as a standing aid to perch on.
  • How easily does it encourage movement? Remember “your next position is your best position”, so any office seat or stool should ideally encourage you to move more up/down or from side to side.
  • Will it improve my posture? Ideally any active seating solution will encourage you to move your hips forward, and bring positive alignment to your spine. It should strengthen your abs as well as other muscles, thus reducing back strain and stress from building up in your shoulders.
  • Be prepared to bounce, wobble, and tilt in order to avoid hazardous inactive or static sitting.
Things to consider when GETTING STARTED
  • Getting used to an active seat or stool may take some practice, especially at first. Stand up and sit down frequently to maximise the benefits and avoid poor posture.
  • As soon as you get tired or start losing your intended posture by slouching in your seat, it is recommended you switch to standing. Only if absolutely necessary should you invest in a chair with more support.
  • By gradually increasing your active sitting time you will build-up stronger muscles and more core strength, resulting in a better overall posture and health.
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