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Benefits of a Pod

Top 10 Benefits
Passionate about the wellness of our customers, we offer our customers a free mat with every executive Pods & Booths. *Visit our Special Offers page for full terms and conditions.
Did You Know?
  • Remote working is here to last. This means every office everywhere will have to evolve – Already we see many offices being reconfigured with up to 50% less desking and greater emphasis on open and agile spaces.
  • Pods make an office more inclusive, agile and dynamic. – Each individual is more productive if they can choose where and how best to complete their tasks when in the office.
  • The office is transforming in to a hub for employee engagement and collaboration. – This means the office needs to cater for all personality types by embracing inclusivity and neurodiversity.
  • 45% of companies consider “Collaboration” to be a primary purpose of office space – according to Future of Work Survey 2022 published by real estate experts JLL.