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Case Studies

Our mission is to improve office workers health
Sit-Stand.Com® continues to grow healthily. In less than 5 years we have turned 20,000 customers active and sold over 200,000 active office solutions moving up/down throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. We go further to get more people sitting less and moving more to deliver improved wellness and productivity.

Sit-Stand.Com® offer free User Guidelines to all customers and Active Working Seminars® to our corporate clients.

We would like to thank our customers for sharing insight and experience how they have benefited from using sit-stand desks:

"ELEMIS® is a lifestyle brand, and we know that having a healthy working environment is important for the wellbeing of staff. Installing Yo-Yo DESKS® for the team has lifted the atmosphere in our offices - literally!" Read More
Luxury skincare brand ELEMIS knows that quality is key for the best results, so when they decided to introduce standing desks to their UK offices, Sit-Stand.Com's Yo-Yo DESK® was the obvious choice. The company's CEO in the US is a fan of standing desks, as is ELEMIS UK President Noella Gabriel. Noella believed it best to have desks for every employee who wanted one; so, a combination of Yo-Yo DESK® MINI, 90’s and 120’s was installed. Now they are used regularly by the 90% of office-based employees who wanted one.

Office & Facilities Manager Alexandra O'Leary explains: "We love our standing desks. They are promoting movement throughout the working day, and we now find that most people prefer to stand up to work in the afternoons. The Yo-Yo DESK® fits in with our brand values and ensures staff enjoy a healthy working environment."

Alexandra O'Leary
Office & Facilities Manager
ELEMIS [London & Bristol]
"Because looking after my staff is a top priority, DeskPro® standing desks from Sit-Stand.Com® were literally the first thing I purchased when I set up this company. As a computer software business, we are leading edge in everything we do. Standing desks are a must for us as they help provide the best working environment to support the health and wellbeing of our employees." Read More
Richard Smithies, founder and CEO of Unit 2 Games® computer software development company, values Sit-Stand.Com® desks as a vital part of a healthy work environment, and all employees are offered the chance to use a standing desk in order to support their wellbeing and performance in a competitive industry.

He explains: "In this field, people are in high demand so they can pick and choose where they want to work. We offer every member of staff a DeskPro® electric standing desk because we value the health benefits they bring. We also find that a fully electric standing desk is far more adjustable and likely to be used properly than a manually operated version, which is why we chose the DeskPro®.

"Because we have so many people using standing desks, in our offices they have become the norm and are used regularly throughout the working day. The Sit-Stand.Com® training seminar really helped educate us in how and why to best use our desks which has helped ensure that our team follows active working best practices on a daily basis."

Richard Smithies
Chief Executive
Unit 2 Games [Leamington Spa]