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OUR ADVICE: Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC range is suitable for users between 150 - 183cm (5' - 6') tall when placed upon a standard height desk (72cm). For users above 184cm (and up to 200cm) we suggest using a Yo-Yo DESK® GO For users below 150cm (5ft.) we recommend the Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM. Need help? Please call us.

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Yo-Yo DESK® MINI is from our best-selling CLASSIC range. Converts any desk to a standing desk. Larger frame with deeper table-top (59cm deep) incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. Available in 4 sizes. See also: Yo-Yo DESK® 90, Yo-Yo DESK® 120 & Yo-Yo DESK® CUBE.

Yo-Yo DESK® MINI is 68cm wide, perfect size for workstations with single monitors or smaller desks. It comes in WHITE or BLACK. Keyboard tray detachable. Download Brochure 

WHITE: SOLD OUT. Order now for delivery w/c July 27

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Yo-Yo DESK® MINI is from our best-selling CLASSIC range. Converts any desk to a standing desk. Larger frame with deeper table-top (59cm deep) incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. Available in 4 sizes. See also: Yo-Yo DESK® 90, Yo-Yo DESK® 120 & Yo-Yo DESK® CUBE.

Yo-Yo DESK® MINI is 68cm wide, perfect size for workstations with single monitors or smaller desks. It comes in WHITE or BLACK. Keyboard tray detachable. Download Brochure 

WHITE: SOLD OUT. Order now for delivery w/c July 27

Delivery 1-2 days [£16.50 ex VAT]

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Yo-Yo DESK® MINI is from our best-selling CLASSIC range. Converts any desk to a standing desk. Larger frame with deeper table-top (59cm deep) incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. Available in 4 sizes. See also: Yo-Yo DESK® 90, Yo-Yo DESK® 120 & Yo-Yo DESK® CUBE.

Yo-Yo DESK® MINI is 68cm wide, perfect size for workstations with single monitors or smaller desks. It comes in WHITE or BLACK. Keyboard tray detachable. Download Brochure 

WHITE: SOLD OUT. Order now for delivery w/c July 27

Delivery 1-2 days [£16.50 ex VAT]

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  • Split level worktop 68cm wide (Black & White)
  • Height extension: 15 - 50cm (Desktop), 0 - 35cm (Keyboard)
  • 15 adjustable heights. Switch from sitting to standing in just 1 second using easy-press levers on each side
  • Available in both Black and White
  • Supports Single and Dual computer monitors and monitor arms
  • Unique ergonomic design adjusts to any user's height, with gas-strut assisted lift
  • Wider and Deeper Keyboard Tray for optimum ergonomic usage in seated and standing position
  • Easy install (5 minutes)
  • Gas Spring Sit-Stand Workstations – aircraft grade aluminium gas spring for smooth movement and reduced risk of clamping injury
  • 3 year warranty
Height Adjustment Keyboard: 0 - 35cm; Worktop: 15 - 50cm
Worktop Dimensions Width(W): 68cm x Depth(D): 59cm
Keyboard Tray Dimensions W: 68cm / 44cm (outer / inner); D: 32cm / 20cm (middle / outer)
Combined Depth 78cm
Maximum Load Capacity 15kg (33 lbs)
Product Weight (Unpackaged) 20kg (44 lbs)
Colour(s) Black or White
Warranty 3 Years
Delivery & Returns
Delivery time:
  • Please allow 1 - 2 days for delivery.
  • Lead times for larger orders may result in a longer delivery period and these will be advised separately.

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  • If in the unlikely event this item arrives with any faults please inform us within 24 hours of receipt by email and photographic evidence of the damaged item to make a valid claim.
  • If our initial investigation does not resolve the matter within 48 hours we will collect the faulty item and either refund it or provide you with a replacement.
EFTA Countries:[Bosnia, Iceland, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Norway & Switzerland]
  • EFTA Countries are obliged to pay an additional £25 charge for Final Customs Clearance and Transit.
  • We will send you by email an additional invoice for this customs fee. This invoice must be paid before we dispatch your order.


Arrived faster than my most optimistic predictions, very easy assembly and does the job. For sitting you better have a relatively low desk since even at the lowest position it adds about 20cm to the desk height. I'm really enjoying this.

Unusual Product

As i was purchasing this product i thought it would be useful since i travel a lot for my business trips but i soon realized this it too big to be put in a handbag and is heavy and cannot be transported around

Love it! Easy to lift and lower. Smooth transition at any level.

I love this product. Its small enough for my home office and easily fits on my desk. I really like how easy it is to life up and down! The transition is very smooth at multiple heights. The quality appears better than average and the cost was extremely competitive! I would recommend this to anyone working at a computer or even for arts or crafts. Love it!

Best Standing Desk Ever!

"I recently purchased Yo-Yo DESK MINI along with the Yo-Yo MAT for my home office as I work from home. It has been so helpful when it comes to editing videos, dealing with emails and paperwork.
I am able to fit a lot on the desk along with my laptop and keyboard and the fact that I can now work standing up with the height adjustment has been a lifesaver! The mat is also so comfortable to be on and I can see a huge comfort difference. These items would have massively helped when I used to work in a call centre! I defiantly recommend these products for the best comfort and convenience!"

Must Have Addition to your desk setup

I work mostly with computers and laptops both at office and at home. This desk is a perfect solution as I was looking for motorized desks. This is quite easy to manage plus its great for my back. A must have desk of you work frequently with computers or laptops. Its great for gaming as well you avoid binge sitting.
The build is sturdy and the suspensions are smooth. 5 stars

Substantial, easily maneuverable, a solid, a long-term investmen

I'm so glad I bought my Yo-Yo DESK, have used it for hours a day for a few weeks now and find it's ideal. I have a 27-inch iMac and a long keyboard, plus mouse, and there's room for headphones, papers, etc. I bought this (what for me is an expensive purchase) because it was recommended by MacLife over less-well-made options, and I know they put it through the paces.

Amazing standing desk. Great product.

Great company with contactable, helpful customer service. The Yo-Yo minis which i have ordered make each staff members working life easier. The Mini is a great, value for money standing desk with ease of use. I look after 150 staff within our offices and Sit-Stand are my go to company for standing desks due to all of the above reasons.

Great Product. Speedy delivery

Good, speedy delivery and great product (I have the Yo-Yo Desk MINI)- would recommend this if your desk space allows for it.

Great for helping with bad backs and knees!

I've had my Yo-Yo DESK for a couple of months now and am very pleased with it. I'm a writer so spend far too much time sitting down. This desk is great for alternating sitting with standing (though I have to set myself a reminder on a timer!). It's easy to use and does what it says on the box. It is quite big, so you might like to have a separate desk/table to house it alongside your normal working desk (which if it's anything like mine is full of clutter) but apart from that, I do think it helps with the whole posture / back and knee question, and when I use it, I'm generally less achey. It's not cheap but it's well made and sturdy. You do need a bit of muscle power to alter the heights, so if you suffer from serious weakness, bear that in mind. I'd recommend it.

Absolutely Fantastic!! Quality Standing desk.

The Yo-Yo DESK MINI has not only met every expectation I had, it has exceeded them. It is well built, easy to adjust, and versatile. It's a perfect addition to my home office and allows me the flexibility to transition between sitting and standing in an instant. Additionally, the mat is extremely comfortable and much thicker / softer than other standing mats I've tried.

I give this product my highest recommendation! If you are looking to purchase a quality standing desk then you need to buy this one.

Great stand up desk for compact spaces

I have a very expensive stand up desk at work and buying the same one for home is way too much. I was looking for something small and compact that would sit on my existing desk at home. I came across the Yo-Yo DESK MINI and the dimensions look like it fit my desk.
Once I received the desk, it was easy to assemble and design looked great.
I've been using the desk for now for 3 Weeks and it helped with my lower back and my posture. It's easy to adjust when required.
I also purchased the Yo-Yo MAT to help with the fatigue of standing up for long period of time. It helps to take the strain of your feet and provides additional elevation.

All in all this is a great investment and I'm happy with the purchase!

Sturdy & attractive enough to enhance your office

The Yo-Yo DESK is a well constructed piece of kit. Assembly is easy, but the desk is heavy so you might need a hand. There are no technical skills required. Once up on the desk the Yo-Yo looks great. I chose the white one and I really like it. It has a beautiful smooth action which makes the whole thing feel classy. Just a couple of things to bear in mind. The desk is designed for a keyboard on the lower tray and a monitor on the main desktop. If you are using a laptop it has to go on the main desktop meaning you have to stand a little way from your computer. When lowering the desk for seated work, the tray is at desk level, the top is several inches above desk level, so again not totally convenient for laptop use and you may need an adjustable chair. The recommendation is to get used to the standing operation gradually - 20 mins or so to start with. This is good advice, especially if you have a dodgy back, but it's worth persevering.

Attractive and easy to use

I like the sleek design (i went for the white one), it is much larger than i was expecting but i'm fine with that as there is plenty of space to spread my things out on it. The lower keyboard shelf could be bigger as it's a bit awkward to use if you're using it for writing on A4 size paper. It is very easy to move up but does require a bit of strength to move down, i have to press my entire body onto it which could be embarrassing in a public office! It sometimes sticks on the way up and down too. Overall very happy with it though!

Great product. Easy to setup

The Yo-Yo DESK MINI is a solid piece of equipment which is easy to set up and use. It has definitely encouraged me to move around more which has helped reduce problems with my shoulder and neck. Quick delivery and great service.

Worth the investment

I?ve been pondering over whether to take the plunge with a standing desk for some time - so glad I did. It?s made a big difference to my day. The Yo-Yo DESK was easy to put together; and it is easy to operate now it?s in place. I was concerned I would spill my tea when raising the desk - but it glides up.

Fine choice, stylish standing desk

The top shelf casts a shadow onto the bottom shelf where your keyboard is. Otherwise it?s strong, compact enough to not look clunky, and as stylish as standing desks come.

Robust, well designed and easy to use.

I spend far too much time sitting looking at a computer screen, and my lower back sometime seizes up. This standing desk unit makes it very easy to change position and to work standing up for a while, which definitely helps my back. I find this very easy to use; it is a robust and well made unit. You have to exert a reasonable amount of pressure to push the desk back down from its maximum height back to ?sitting ? height, so perhaps not good for anyone with a problem with arm strength. Other than this, which would be hard to change without losing some of the robustness of the desk, it is an excellent piece of kit and very well designed. Highly recommended.

Good for back issues

Arrived on time. Easy to assemble. Very heavy though so you need 2 people to get it out of packaging and in place. Once set up easy to use.

Excellent standing desk with air piston operated raising mechani

I bought this standing desk because I had had a back operation and could not sit for extended periods of time. The Yo-Yo DESK has provided an excellent solution and I?ve done all my computing work for a month standing up. It is very sturdy and rigid when raised. It raises easily but needs a little force to collapse it against the air pistons. I thoroughly recommend it.

Really good product!

I bought this for my friend, she has back pain for long sitting in the same pose, this desk really helps her.

Great sit-stand desk option if you already have a desk ?

Great sit-stand desk option if you already have a desk in place. Hydraulic system is very easy to use and can be set at multiple levels. Have been using for a year now with no signs of detonation or faults.

Easy to setup. Very happy.

One year on and still very happy with my Yo-Yo MINI. Easy to assemble and very easy to move up and down. Wouldn't be without it.

great product, great service

Very happy with my Yo-Yo DESK.

Ordering and choosing the right model was straightforward.

Delivery was very quick.



It has helped me so much because I have sciatica and I struggle

Just like to say thank you for this desk, great purchase and great piece of equipment. It has helped me so much because I have sciatica and I struggle to sit down so this application has helped a great deal, I would recommend this height extending desk to anyone who has sciatica or hip problems or anything else where they struggle to sit down. GREAT PURCHASE AND GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!!!!!

A Work and Health Revolution!

This desk has really revolutionised my work habits ... and it's doing wonders for my health. I had chronic backache from sitting down all day, which has now virtually disappeared. And I've lost weight too. Couldn't be better!

Love my Yo-Yo Desk MINI!

Absolutely love my stand-up desk! It's great having the option to sit or stand. The desk is large enough to put bits of paperwork/notepads on whilst your working. Having the keyboard on the lowered shelf works really well and is a very comfortable position for your wrists/arms etc. It is very easy to adjust the position/height.


So good to be able to stand or sit at your desk - also easy to use for a teaching aid as makes monitor easy to view

Easy to use and works well

Very easy to assemble. Very easy to use. Looks OK (much better than some others). Doing the job well.

Very good but very expensive

I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the price. It's ?100 more expensive than the other similar ones I saw. However, I was persuaded that this was the one to buy so I went for it. It is very well made and works very well. I'm enjoying working standing up. It's just I could have bought a HD TV with built in Freeview or a washing machine for less so bearing in mind it's just a frame with 2 shelves and 2 gas springs it seems poor value for money. Having said that - what price do I put on my health and fitness? Excellent product if expensive.

Has made working in the office so much easier.

I ordered this as it was recommended by my osteopath. Best Buy I?ve made- stood for 6 hours yesterday and my usually painful arthritic hip was fine. Prompt delivery and very easy to assemble. Highly recommend.

Don't wait the three years that I did.. this is brilliant!

I have been looking at these desks for three years and thinking that I couldn't justify the cost. How wrong was I? I finally gave in and am so pleased that I did. I spend almost all of the day standing (and when I want to sit, I can, really easily). I don't have any pain in my leg, hip or back (as I did before) and I am thinking more! Honestly, it is so great. Also, the customer service is fab, really helpful Ordering is easy and delivery is even easier! I am currently using it on the dining room table as we are building our house (it's easy to put on the table and take it off again). Really looking forward to getting back into my office and setting it up permanently. I also bought it with the Steppie and love that too... go for it, you are worth it!

Firstly it's really easy to set up - its almost ready to go ?

I saw these on TV (BBC healthy living programme) as being ideal for folks that spend a lot of time working sat down at a computer - being ideal for helping you to stand up some of the time and continue working. I was a little dubious as to whether or not it would just be a fad, BUT i have to say, a few weeks in, I'm really impressed.

Firstly it's really easy to set up - its almost ready to go straight out of the box.

I also wasn't sure of the size & logistics of it fitting on my desk at work but again this is the 'mini' version but it fits my laptop and a separate monitor screen easily on the top shelf with the separate keyboard on the lower shelf.

Finally it's so easy to use and adjust to almost any height. I still sit down some of the time & it works fine but now I stand up for nearly half a day and it feels so much better. My stomach doesn't feel cramped up anymore and its amazing comfortable to type away standing up. Once you've got past the 'slightly odd' feel of working stood up, it feels great!

I'm 5'9 and when stood up I have it on the 2nd highest level setting and it's perfect. I imagine if you are 6' or taller you'd possibly want one that extends higher.

Standing & working - It's the way forward!!

Posture has improved and slightly fitter for standing up great

Takes a bit of getting used too but posture has improved and slightly fitter for standing up great product

Good but could be improved

This is a good product but it could be improved as listed below.
1. The weight needs to be reduced from its current 15 kg.
2. The keyboard tray would benefit from adding a frictional textured surface to avoid keyboard slip and improve mouse usage.
3. Making the keyboard tray width adjustable would enable the tray to be mounted on a slide rail to allow it to be retracted for stowage beneath the top shelf.

Best alternative to a full sit/stand desk, but make sure your de

I previously worked in an office with sit/stand desks and in moving to more home-based work I needed something that allowed me to work standing up from time to time. As I already had my desk at home and didn't want to replace this a device such as the Yo-Yo DESK was the solution. I have the 68cm and this is plenty big enough for my 21inch monitor with plenty of room to spare on the top for phone, iPad coffee cup etc. The keyboard table is plenty big enough for a keyboard and mouse and room to rest your wrists when typing.

This is a very nice system which despite it's weight, operates smoothly and easily without any need for 'muscle'. The height can be adjusted in small increments so is easy to find the perfect setting. I am 5'9" and use it near its highest setting so anyone over 6ft might need a taller one or to simply elevate the screen a little.

I have noticed a little vibration on the monitor when standing and so put an additional support under the desk to ensure the desk was very stable (it's a sturdy desk anyway but it has reduced the desk top movement to virtually zero). I am not a touch typist who would spend hours looking at the screen and am not someone who tries to hammer the keyboard through the bottom of the desk, so any minor vibration isn't an issue for me. Possible vibration was one of my major considerations when looking and I have to think some of the cheaper models will suffer badly from this perspective. You must also have a sturdy desk otherwise I can imagine this will be a big issue. When the Yo-Yo is collapsed to desk height it is very stable and no real monitor shake.

My only comment is make sure you realise just how big this is from front to back. The supplier claims it is only 59cm deep but this is misleading as the keyboard rest protrudes another 20cm and doesn't retract. Therefore the total depth is 79cm. My desk is 80cm deep and the keyboard stand is right on the front edge of the desk. Even though I only have the 68cm wide version its still a big hunk of black (or white metal) and it's unlikely you have a desk as big as the one pictured in the advertisements which make the Yo-Yo DESK look smaller than it really is.... so just be aware of the space it will take up and how imposing it WILL look. Anything smaller though and I think it would compromise stability and not provide sufficient space to place your wrists on the keyboard table when typing.

All said an done it does what it is supposed to and is sturdy, practical and operates very easily and smoothly. I am very pleased I opted for the Yo-Yo.

Great desk. Good Quality.

Great product, the main desk is sturdy and very well made with a nice smooth raising action. The only reason I have not given five stars is that the keyboard desk fixings are a bit flimsy they do not secure the keyboard desk it is just held in place by it's own weight. Other that mall issue a great desk and I am very happy with it.

Get yourself moving!

This is a very sturdy piece of equipment. You can alter the height with ease and the level of the monitor is great with the keyboard level for getting yourself in the best position when standing.
I thought I would have to make myself stand and sit but actually standing to work is very natural. Your legs tell you when to sit again!
It certainly gets you moving which is perfect when you are working at a pc all day.
Very easy to set up although it is heavy and needs a table with good depth.
The keyboard area is good. Would suit a wireless one best and doesn't wobble at all.

A good buy, excellent service.

It's heavy so I needed help to set it up. It's easy to pop up and down, and I feel it's good for me to stand for a while when working as I have a lot of back pain when sitting. I can stand about 20 minutes at a time just now. I find the monitor is not quite high enough in relation to the keyboard stand, so have a couple of books under the monitor. The stand takes a lot of space on my desk, so I'm glad I didn't get anything bigger.

Great desk, good quality, easy to assemble and raise up and down

Fantastic desk - very easy to assemble and raise up and down. I have sciatica and found that this desk really helps. I spend most of the day standing at my desk. The mini is large enough to hold a monitor, laptop and notebook. Also there is plenty of room for a full keyboard and mouse on the lower level. I am pleased I did not get the larger size. I would recommend this desk for anyone who is looking to alternate between sitting and standing during the day. The build quality is excellent.

Excellent product, work with CAD in a busy design ?

Excellent product, work with CAD in a busy design office and it certainly helps. The variable height makes it a great tool for standing and working, without the need to stoop, it also gives my back a well earned rest.

Fantastic Product & Great Service

Works really well, quickly changes from sitting to standing height, excellent customer service from the company when I had a question. Delivery was very quick.

Meets a long-felt need.

At last, a convenient-sized sturdy desktop sit-stand setup for my desktop computer. I use it to work standing up about 3/4 of the time and sitting down 1/4. Huge improvement in health and comfort after a day's work. Nice clean mechanical action assisted by the gas-cylinder springs. I am told the springs will stay gas-tight up to 20,000 cycles.

This desk has changed my life!

This desk has changed my life! It's so easy to put together that I was using it within half an hour. The adjustable stops means you can get the exact right height for you and my hips and back have been so much better since I switched to a standing desk. This 'small' version is perfect when you haven't as much space. I thought it would look big and clumsy but it actually looks very neat and professional. I would highly recommend this desk to anyone looking for a low-cost option but high quality performance.

Yo-yo desk mini

This product is easy to assemble, all that is needed is to attach the keyboard tray. Adjustment from a standing to sitting desk is simple and takes seconds to do. I have only had the desk for a few days and am already noticing a reduction in my back pain. Highly recommended, well worth the money.

Standing more often, easy peasy!

I used to use a coffee table on top of my table. For the price, this is a really easy mechanism to use - pulling the leavers to make it go up and down is simple and requires little effort. It looks slick and no assembly was required - works right out of the box.

The staff I dealt with were very friendly too. Will be recommending them to others!

Easy to set up and use

Easy to set up and use. Ideal for dynamic posture at work. Highly recommend for desks and commercial environments - works perfectly on our reception desk in a chiropractic clinic!

I may never sit again!

I have no points of reference since this is the first table of its kind I have ever owned. I am however easily pleased, just give me the best and I am content. The Yo-Yo DESK is aptly named as it appears to have no problem performing it's function with both grace and elegance. I may never sit again, I have no regrets you won't either. Buy it.

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