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Yo-Yo DESK 90

OUR ADVICE: Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC range is suitable for users between 150 - 183cm (5' - 6') tall when placed upon a standard height desk (72cm). For users above 184cm (and up to 200cm) we suggest using a Yo-Yo DESK® GO For users below 150cm (5ft.) we recommend the Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM. Need help? Please call us.

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Yo-Yo DESK 90

Yo-Yo DESK 90

Yo-Yo DESK® 90 – is from our best-selling CLASSIC range. Converts any desk to a standing desk. Larger frame with deeper table-top (59cm deep) incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. Available in 4 sizes. See also: Yo-Yo DESK® MINI, Yo-Yo DESK® 120 & Yo-Yo DESK® CUBE.

Yo-Yo DESK® 90 is 89cm wide, perfect size for workstations with dual monitors or docking stations. It comes in WHITE or BLACK. Keyboard tray detachable. Download Brochure

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Yo-Yo DESK 90

Yo-Yo DESK 90

Yo-Yo DESK® 90 – is from our best-selling CLASSIC range. Converts any desk to a standing desk. Larger frame with deeper table-top (59cm deep) incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. Available in 4 sizes. See also: Yo-Yo DESK® MINI, Yo-Yo DESK® 120 & Yo-Yo DESK® CUBE.

Yo-Yo DESK® 90 is 89cm wide, perfect size for workstations with dual monitors or docking stations. It comes in WHITE or BLACK. Keyboard tray detachable. Download Brochure

Delivery 2-3 days [£16.50 ex VAT]

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Yo-Yo DESK 90

Yo-Yo DESK® 90 – is from our best-selling CLASSIC range. Converts any desk to a standing desk. Larger frame with deeper table-top (59cm deep) incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. Available in 4 sizes. See also: Yo-Yo DESK® MINI, Yo-Yo DESK® 120 & Yo-Yo DESK® CUBE.

Yo-Yo DESK® 90 is 89cm wide, perfect size for workstations with dual monitors or docking stations. It comes in WHITE or BLACK. Keyboard tray detachable. Download Brochure

Delivery 2-3 days [£16.50 ex VAT]

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  • Split level worktop 89cm wide (Black & White)
  • Height extension: 15 - 50cm (Desktop), 0 - 35cm (Keyboard)
  • 15 adjustable heights. Switch from sitting to standing in just 1 second using easy-press levers on each side
  • Available in both Black and White
  • Supports Single and Dual computer monitors and monitor arms
  • Unique ergonomic design adjusts to any user's height, with gas-strut assisted lift
  • Wider and Deeper Keyboard Tray for optimum ergonomic usage in seated and standing position
  • Easy install (5 minutes)
  • Gas Spring Sit-Stand Workstations – aircraft grade aluminium gas spring for smooth movement and reduced risk of clamping injury
  • 3 year warranty
Height Adjustment Keyboard: 0 - 35cm; Worktop: 15 - 50cm
Worktop Dimensions Width(W): 89cm x Depth(D): 59cm
Keyboard Tray Dimensions W: 89cm / 63cm (outer / inner); D: 32cm / 20cm (middle / outer)
Combined Depth 78cm
Maximum Load Capacity 15kg (33 lbs)
Product Weight (Unpackaged) 20kg (44 lbs)
Colour(s) Black or White
Warranty 3 Years
Delivery & Returns
Delivery time:
  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 days
  • Lead times for larger orders may result in a longer delivery period and these will be advised separately.
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Working from home during lockdown: this desk has proven to be in

I work in a busy 24/7 operations environment and am normally office based with occasional home working. The time spent hunched over my desk during lockdown has caused lower back issues, so I needed a desk which would allow me to stand, sit and spend long days on webcam calls whilst using multiple devices.
The Yo-Yo Desk 90 arrived within a couple of days of ordering this week and has proved invaluable. The detailed dimensions available whilst ordering allowed me to make sure that it would fit in my small office and the desk was easy to assemble, with detailed instructions. My new layout was up and running in minutes and has made a huge difference. I'm able to use a monitor with surfacepro and laptop, with plenty of space for keyboard, mouse and old fashioned note taking! There is plenty of space for a 2nd monitor, which I'll now be adding. If I do need to sit, the desk is very easy and stable to adjust. Since setting this up, I've worked a couple of 12 hour days and the desk has made a huge difference.
I'd definitely recommend this desk, particularly for those of us used to being office based and now planning for a few weeks or months more of working from home.

Change of quality of life

I have a complex set-up, with a large 17" laptop and 2 x 24" monitors as well as an ergonomic keyboard and pen tablet. I chose the Yo-Yo 90 as it seemed to have the dimensions to be able to fit all my kit, and I was not disappointed.

I received it this morning and had it set up in a few minutes, following the easy instructions. Adding all my gear took about an hour but, even with everything attached, it was still easy to raise and lower and I have really enjoyed my new perspective on work.

I also got a medium mat and it's so comfortable to stand on.

I highly recommend this product, it exceeded my expectations on build quality and the customer service was excellent.


Really pleased with my yo yo desk. Great size for working on. Plenty of space for papers, monitors & phones. Can't believe how easily and smoothly the height can be adjusted or completely lowered for sitting to work. this desk is really helping me manage my back pain whilst working.

Will never sit down again while working on a computer

Great product. Not cheap but worth the expense.

Love this, it has changed my life

I did some research and the reviews were good so I went for it and do not regret for one minute. It is perfect for all my needs. Good size, easy to assemble and easy to move up and down. Highly recommend.

Really great addition to the work space!! Excellent investment

One of our team members has been advised to try working standing up occasionally. She really loves using this standing desk, barely ever sits. We also got the floor matt which makes a huge difference. We would highly recommend.

Great quality desks. Easy to Setup

We bought two of these desks for our office. We have been very pleased with the quality and versatility of this product and would highly recommend both the product and seller.

Good quality and works well

It's great working at this standing desk. But is heavy, so its good to have two people to lift it. It is so simple to put the final parts in place, it's no worth paying the extra for the ready assembled version

Well Made Height-Adjustable Desk

I've been wanting a quality standing desk for awhile for my home office, but I didn't want to spend a fortune. I've been using this Yo-Yo DESK for the past week now, & it has been exceptional. While unpacking the desk, I could tell it was well made. It is very solid so best if you have a helping hand. Easily fits on my large desk, & the height is easily adjustable up & down. I plan on putting an extra monitor for a dual screen, & this model has plenty of space for that addition. I would also recommend a foam mat for standing if you plan on using the desk daily.

Could not be happier! Amazing standing desks

I bought this Yo-Yo DESK as I can regularly sit at my desk for 8+ hours a day. As a self employed contractor my current workplace would not provide this for me so I thought I would purchase it myself and then when my current assignment ends I can take the Yo-Yo DESK with me. I have 2 screens on the 90cm model and they fit fine. I think the ability to swap between standing and sitting has certainly eased the pain in my back

Sturdy. Easy up and down.

I?ve had this about six weeks. Well made, sturdy unit that feels like it will last. Easy up and down. Prolonged sitting gives me a stiff back, so it helps to spend time standing. I alternate quite a bit. I?m 6?2? and it?s just about high enough at full extension on a standard height desk. Better if I take my shoes off. The keyboard tray is solid and actually extends the depth of my old desk. The only issue is the rubber feet, they tend to slip out from under the base. I emailed them to see if they sell replacements but not heard back as yet...

Yo-Yo Desk. Because you are worth it!

Great product, easy to assemble. Slighty on the heavy side, but does the job very well. It's definitely helping the back, posture etc. Highly recommendable for anyone spending hours in front of a desk.

Yo-Yo Desk 90 + Mat

Excellent. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Easily adjusts between the seated and standing position. I no longer have issues with aches & pains from sitting all day. More inclined to visit the printer, shredder, other desks/rooms, etc, burning calories in the process. We have 3. 1 arrived with courier damage, but it was exchanged promptly. We have 1 mat, but no one can get on with it. Heels sink and chairs don't wheel over it well. The BBC had an article on-line about the benefits of standing desks. "Standing-desk workers 'less tired, more engaged".

Great alternative to replacing your whole desk

As a long time advocate of sleeping on the floor instead of mattresses for back pain, I realised I was undoing all of that good work by then sitting all day. Granted I used one of those ergonomic kneeling chairs and tried various alternatives like swiss balls, kneeling on the floor etc. but nothing has come close to actually having a standing desk and the Yo-Yo DESK works perfectly well. There's definitely a different mood when working standing up.

I was a bit worried that assembly might be complicated as the system works on a pneumatic pump but it took about 5 minutes to put it together and have it set up (be warned: It's heavier than it looks, which is why it's so sturdy!)

Superb alternative to replacing your entire desk
Solid build; no worries about things falling off the desk
Looks quite slick and professional

Things to consider:
Check the wire lengths of anything wired that you are keeping on the desk when it is in the standing position
Also, make sure to clear the back so when moving it up and down the cable don't get caught in the mechanism or desk (I personally have switched to everything being wireless except for my monitor).
Note that the area where your keyboard would go does not slide in and out of the way. Personally, it doesn't take anything away, but it surprised me to realise this when I put it together (potentially an upgrade for future models?) although I may not have read the description or questions enough so make sure you do!

Order right size for your desk space

Great desk, very easy and comfortable to use, it does take a little time to get used to standing and working after years of sitting down. One thing to bear in mind is the space it takes up, be sure to measure what suits, also remember you will possibly be working from extra paperwork that you will need to lay out on the desk when it is at full height.

Great product only had for few weeks and have used mostly standing up but you do still have the option to lower and sit down although with a desk top it does put the screen at slightly higher level...

So far very impressed

Excellent product! Definitely recommend.

Excellent product - made with good quality materials and very easy to put together.

Very easy to alter height of desk.

Would definitely recommend

Great solution. Would not be without it!

I decided to invest in a standing desk prior to an operation as I had read it can improve your core strength over sitting.

I must say I absolutely love it.
The build quality is great, the desk is very sturdy and so easy to use. After only a couple of weeks I was standing more than sitting.

I use a laptop docking station with my monitor on top of it. I turned the docking station through 90 degrees to increase the room for the keyboard. There is a shelf for the keyboard which is easy to fit but to lower the desk to sit it means you have to remove the shelf which I felt was unnecessary.

I completed a new DSE assessment as part of our standard health and safety process which, apart from the questions about the chair, my new station was compliant with sitting and standing.

I now prefer standing over sitting at my desk and am standing for more than 6 hours a day

GREAT DESK. Bravo Yo-Yo!

This desk is fantastic. It easily holds my two monitor screens while still leaving room for a notebook and mug. The desk is very easy to manoeuvre into the standing or sitting position - it glides very smoothly.
I bought it as I was suffering with hip and lower back pain and it?s certainly helped as has given me the flexibility to stand or sit throughout the working day
One of my colleagues admired it so much, he bought one for himself!

Excellent Sturdy no wobble sit/stand desk

I am really happy with this desk. I did a lot of research prior to purchase and was put off many desks or keyboard stand options by reports of wobble when typing, particularly touch typing. I have my monitor on an arm at the back of this desk and there practically no wobble during normal typing when in the fully extended position. The mechanism for the desk going up or down is really easy to use, just two levers and the whole desk, plus all the stuff I have on it, just glide up and down beautifully. All very intuitive. Plenty of space on top and on the keyboard shelf enough room for my keyboard, mouse-mat and still room to spare. I have been using this desk for around a month and I am really very happy with it.

Better than I expected

Very stable, easy to use and install.
It is very heavy, which is what makes it so strong and stable, be ready for that.

Easy to setup. Good for my back.

An excellent product, I chose a 90cm desk, which is quite big, but I can get lots of stuff on it. It works easily and I'm up and down all day, which is very good for my back. However I think I need to purchase a special mat to stand on as my legs do ache after too long a period of standing.

Easy to adjust... and therefore I use it and get the benefits

Looks good, very stable and its easy to adjust, so no hassle to change position depending on what I am doing: stand for reading and responding to emails etc; sit for more intensive documents and writing. And because its so easy, I do use it, and get the benefit of moving around a bit more.

Smooth operator

The Yo-Yo DESK is simple to operate with the side levers making a very smooth up/down action. Adjustable to just the right height. Working while standing feels a bit weird at first but is a relief from constantly sitting.

Excellent! Worth every penny!

I am really pleased with my Yo-Yo DESK. Sturdy and well-built and a good size for my large 27" iMac.
Being able to stand up or sit down to work has transformed the work experience for me and I don't get a sore back any more from sitting too long in one position. I find standing especially useful when I am working on processing photographs.
Excellent product!

Great Product. Thanks Yo-Yo!

This desk is very good and it makes a huge difference being able to stand for periods of time during the day. The only slight issue I have, is the levers for raising and lowering the table are located on each side of the desk. As I suffer from spinal problems, I find it difficult to bend over and use both arms to raise and lower the table sa I then have no support to hold my back. Personally, I would think having the levers at the front of the table would make it far easier as I wouldn't have to bend over to use them and straining my back.

Love this product. Excellent Desk.

As my business means I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, I thought I would do my back 'a favour' and invest in a sit-stand desk unit.

I did my usual routine of reading through far too many reviews before finally settling on a Yo-Yo DESK 90.

It arrived within a couple of days and was well packaged.

It's a substantial piece of kit and feels sturdy and exudes quality. There is very little self-assembly required, just a few screws for the keyboard tray.

I'm still getting used to standing at my desk but will persevere as believe it is necessary for my health.

All in all, this is a quality sit-stand desk unit and would recommend to anyone who is looking to spend less time sitting at their computer!

Just the right height

Great desk for working at home and having gas struts means it copes fine with a 27" iMac and my MacBook Pro on it. The height is great, as someone who is 6'3 I was worried it wouldn't go high enough, but as my desk is already quite high it was perfect.

How the gas struts last is the only thing that might concern me, but so far they are doing great.

Brilliant standing desk and a bargain in comparison

This was bought as an introduction to standing desks and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and the smoothness of the movement. It has a good range of height adjustment and a practical surface area suitable for 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse, and papers. We are using it in a consulting engineers environment so there's plenty of room for papers and a calculator and just sits on top of existing furniture. We will no doubt be buying more as it becomes more popular.

Brilliant piece of equipment

We have recently purchased a Yo-Yo Desk 90 for an employee with back issues. The customer service was second to none and the payment process/delivery was very quick! The Yo-Yo Desk 90 is an ideal size for dual screens and was very easy to assemble with the simple instructions. It is very easy to raise and lower with a great range in height for the employee to stand or sit to complete their work. This will really benefit the employee in the short and long term and will help manage their symptoms.

Easy to assemble and raise it according to your height.

Exactly what is says in description. it is quite and durable. Can take 2 Screen I am using 21'' monitors, docking station and laptop. I have been using it for nearly 2 months now. I bought the floor cushion as well but not using it too much because of chair but again it is your own choice. cushion is very comfortable too honestly you can use it anywhere like even in the kitchen.

The only thing I would say desk should have 4 to 5 different levels specially at lowest level. I want to raise it bit higher when I am sitting which is not possible in this model as my office desk is bit low.
sticky pads are not very strong under foot which is not effecting the desk but it can be glued well this could be in result of the hot weather. over all I would recomend if anyone want to burn some calories and improve health.

I've been very happy with the Yo-Yo DESK

I've been pleased with the Yo-Yo DESK 90 height-adjustable standing desk. The item is weighty and has a high-quality feel. Once upon the desktop, it is surprisingly easy to adjust up and down. I've been using the desk every day for the past few weeks, and it has helped me stand up and work for long periods of time.

Strong and sturdy, great quality, not too cumbersome

I bought this desk following back surgery and it's fantastic. Standing and working is so much easier. Would highly recommend.

Yo-Yo Desk 90

Easy to put together and well built. I've discovered that not only is standing to write and take calls energising, it's also helped to rectify some lower back problems. This desk has had such a positive impact on my working life that my partner has now ordered one too.

Really easy to use

Really easy to use. Very solid and sturdy. I've adapted to standing rather than sitting much more quickly than I expected. I'm loving this desk and won't be going back to hours of sitting!

Easy to put together and feels very solid

Easy to put together and feels very solid. The mechanism feels smooth and durable and I feel comfortable moving it between sitting and standing multiple times a day.

Has really helped me feel more active at work, when I start feeling low on energy moving it to standing actually gets your blood pumping and increases concentration. Would highly recommend to anyone considering a standing desk (assuming you have the space, check the measurements first as its quite large)

This is a serious piece of kit

I knew this was going to be sturdy after I had to carry it to the car. It's very robust, and quite heavy, so you need to make sure you have it on a desk that will take the weight.
I was worried that my desk would not be wide enough, but am pleased that the base fits well onto the desk, and that the work surface overhangs somewhat. I use it by putting the monitor to the right. My laptop is on the left on an AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand. That combination gets the monitor and laptop screen at just the right heights.

What's not to like!

This thing is really great, the operation is smooth and it was very easy to assemble. The workspace is good and standing during the day makes a welcome change! the health benefits associated with standing desks i've been told are great! Well, now I have the best of both worlds with this!
Well worth the money, DON'T go for a cheaper 'chinese' version.

I Love My Yo-Yo DESK

I love my Yo-Yo DESK. It?s easy to operate, requiring little effort to raise or lower, due to the hydraulics. It?s a high quality construction with a great finish and looks perfectly at home on my white Ikea desk. I?ve been gradually increasing my standing time and feel it has helped me greatly.

Excellent ! Helps with Posture

Although it looked a bit daunting when we took it out of the box, it was simple to set up and adjust to the right height.

I'm really impressed with the Yo-Yo DESK, and although not looking the 'prettiest' desk accessory it certainly helps with posture and means I am not chained to my chair for 8 hours a day.

Excellent Desk. Easy to setup

Really pleased with this, so much better than spending my whole work day sitting down. It's really easy to set up and use too.

Stands out from the crowd ;)

Excellent device, already helping me fix my posture, powerful hydraulics have no problem lifhting laptop, laptop stand, monitor etc.

Desk seems really good, the mechanism works well and is a good ?

Desk seems really good, the mechanism works well and is a good size, The Mat is much thinner than I was expecting, I would have been disappointed had I paid the full price for the mat and not got the bundle discount

Absolutely love your product

Can I just say I absolutely love your product! I have a Yo-Yo Desk 90 at home in my office and I cannot begin to tell you what difference it has made to me! I have a prolapsed disc and my poor osteopath could see it wasn’t going well and with my wedding looming she had a stern word about getting a standing desk, so I did! It effectively saved my back from crashing before our wedding! The wedding day was great and we could afford it because I was able to continue working and pay my bit - the story could have been very different!! The thing I really love about it is how easily it adjusts to the height I want it. So I thank you for creating this great product!

Perfectly perfect !!

My company has just ordered a third Yo-Yo Desk 90. I've been told that everyone working on computer all day long should have a Yo-Yo Desk. It prevents from being exhausted at the end of the day after spending your time in front of a computer.

Excellent desk riser

I had Yo-Yo Desk 90 for about a month and I am satisfied with it, being better that what I expected. I had a Varidesk for about a year before this and they are both excellent products, easy to lift, easy to install and move to another desk if necessary.

communications support officer

After using the yo-yo desk 90 for around 2 months now it is a distant memory of being sat down for nigh on 8 hours a day previously. I tend to get in the office, have a brew whilst sat down and look over my emails. Then at 10am I will raise the yoyodesk 90 and stand until dinner (that'll be 'lunch' to any southerners..) which is when i'll sit down again whilst looking at the internet and eating. I then spend the rest of the afternoon standing up again and have found that i have virtually eliminated my lower back aches and pains by doing this. in fact what i have just described is my new 'normal' after 18+ years of working in offices. The yoyodesk 90 is a really good option as it doesn't require any major changes in the office. desks that raise/lower are good but rarely fit in with exisiting furniture and can be quite expensive. The yoyo 90 is priced really well and can be installed with minimum fuss. I put mine together in 15 minutes and was working stood up within the hour (you just need to make sure your monitor/phone cables are long enough to accommodate for when you raise the desk). All in all, if you're looking for the easiest, most cost effective way of stand up working, get yourself one of these (they also do 30 days free trial - speak to their sales dept for more information)


I bought my first Yo-Yo Desk 90 a few years ago for my office, I am delighted with it! Easy to assemble and once in place it is very easy to raise up and lower during the day. I am 5.11 tall and this model is perfect for me. I have just purchased 2 more desks for my work colleagues, have managed to convert them! Sit-Stand.Com have been very professional, from placing the order to delivery only took a few days. Great customer service also!

Great product delivered on time

The desk unit arrived on time, was very well packed and is super simple to set up. The Ease of adjustment to the height that you require takes seconds and couldn't be simpler. The frame and mechanism seem very sturdy and well made.
I have been using the desk for a week or so now and love the energy that standing brings to my work.

Company Director

Very good quality and functions, just what I wanted.

Sales Executive

We'd talked about these desks for about a year, and the MD gave us the go ahead last month. Very pleased with the product, good quality and easy to set up. Just what I wanted.

Office Manager

Very pleased with both the quality and performance of the desk. Just what I needed to help with lower back pain issues.

Good value standing desk

I really like this desk. Perfect if you're looking for a solution to your neck and back aches from sitting down at a PC all day. It's easy to adjust to a standing and sitting position. It is a little larger than I was expecting so can look quite imposing in a small study/office. That said, it offers good value for money.

Solid solution

Sturdy installation yet still relatively easy to lower/rise using both hands on the handles just underneath the top surface. Means hands are kept away from pinch points too so safe. Heavy box when delivered and needs lots of clear space on the desk so encourages a de-clutter before installing.


Absolutely excellent quality product and utstanding customer service thank you

This is great. Yo-Yo DESK is the only manufacturer that got the

This is great. Yo-Yo DESK is the only manufacturer that got the weight distribution right. Result: it doesn't wobble at all! Also moving up and down is really easy. Putting it together was also quite easy.

Really pleased with this product

Used this daily for a couple of months and wish I had bought one years ago.
Sturdy construction good value for money

Managing Partner

Product is first class and the team at sit-stand were very helpful - great experience all round.


In the office we all use the Yo-Yo Desk 90 (and the anti fatigue mat which makes a massive difference) and I would highly recommend both products. No one wants to be sat down all day right? Well I truly believe that standing up and working has increased my productivity and efficiency. I would think this is due to improved blood circulation, improved concentration levels and a reduction in blood pressure. Also, because you are stood up straight and not slouching over your desk I'm breathing better, therefore increasing more oxygen to the brain and I don't feel tired by the time 3:00pm comes.
Not to mention the fact that my posture is much better and I would have burnt off more calories than I would have if I was sat down.
It's certainly money well spent. Anyone who usually sits at their desk all day, week after week, should seriously consider using a Yo-Yo 90 (and a mat).
I should mention that you can sit or stand at the desk and it is very easy and quick to alter the level of the Yo-Yo 90.
The service from Sit-Stand has been excellent, especially the help and advice from Rik. They offer some generous deals online quite regularly. The delivery has also met my expectations too, everything has been on time.

Great Product. Great Design, Easy to setup

Ordered this for work as have had constant shoulder/back pain. Very pleased with purchase, great design, easy to move up & down, takes both monitors, and does exactly what it says. Now spend 2.5 to 3 hours standing at a time.Would recommend.

Really really pleased!

Hi I am very pleased with my Yo-Yo DESK. It's better than I expected and makes a world of a difference to my lower back as I'm now standing for large parts of the day.

Great Flexibility to work

Been using the desk daily and find the option of standing a great relief on the body. Easy to use system and well built. Lots of space for keyboard and mouse as well as for screen or laptop etc. Thanks to the Yo-Yo team for their support.

Yo-Yo Desk 90

I have been using my yo-yo desk and anti-fatigue mat for 4 months and I am very happy with it. Before I started using the Yo-Yo desk I found that my back would start to ache in the afternoons, due to sitting in one position for a long time. Now that I am able to stand and use my computer, my back has felt a lot less achy. Five people in our office now use the Yo-Yo desks and there has been no negative feedback from them.

Believe what you read - fantastic!

We've always been great believers in the power of a sit-stand desk, having read lots of articles on the subject and now we have been blown away by the practical applications. The Yo Yo desk is perfect as it sits on top of our standard office desks, and they work unbelievably well for the money. I can honestly say that this product is one of the best value for money products you can buy. It's changed our working ways completely and inspired the rest of the company to look at purchasing one. Easily fits two large screen monitors and takes the weight like a breeze, super easy to set up and install, and really look the business, transforming our office into a modern look office a minimal expense!

Best size desk I could find, wanted large.

Very happy with this desk. Right height. Adjusts well. Sturdy. Good size. Brilliant. I don't move it up and down though, just keep it high, so cant comment on making adjustments.

Yo-Yo Desk 90 & Anti-fatigue mat

We had one desk & mat on trial and moved them around the office for 2 weeks - now we all have them! Fabulous service from The desks are sturdy and simple to assemble. A happy, fitter, healthier and productive workforce - a great investment for the company and the well-being of the employees.

Great bit of office kit!

I got this desk on the advice of my physio who told me that part of the reason why my hip flexors were so tight and running was painful was because that aside from being awful at stretching, I spent most of my working day sitting at a desk. She mentioned how good standing while working is for your physiology, so I looked into it. Since I've had the Yo-yo Desk 90, I can honestly say that my posture has improved tremendously, and my running pain has vanished (I am still awful at stretching by the way). This is a great desk with great functionality that allows you to easily flip between standing and sitting, giving you the best of both. It is also highly mobile, having survived multiple office moves, due to its relative lightness and the ease with which it disassembles. Since I've had it, at least three of my colleagues have followed suit, with all reporting similar changes. also has excellent after-sale service. Having lost two of the keyboard knob bolts during one move, they promptly sent me some replacements, plus a couple of spares in case the same happened again. Do not buy any other desk than this, and do not buy from any other company. Your search is over!

Yo Yo Desk 90

The classic black finish, the sleek styling and the high build quality certainly did not fail to impress. I was particularly struck by the smooth and almost effortless action for height adjustment. YO-YO DESK does exactly what it says on the tin – the ideal solution for all my variable-height workstation needs.

Yo Yo Desk 90

The Yo-Yo Desk allows me to work while standing most of the time or sitting when I get tired. It raises high enough for me to stand up straight and is easier to lower and raise than other brands. It also allows me to have two wide screen monitors on the desk side by side. The mat that came with the desk is also fantastic for preventing sore feet at the end of the day. Hurrah for the Yo-Yo Desk!

This desk is perfect. It's robust and secure at the same time ?

This desk is perfect. It's robust and secure at the same time as being very easy to move up and down - which means I can change position from standing to seated as often as I like during the day. And it's so much cheaper than buying the desk that changes height - so affordable too. I highly recommend it.

Highly Recommended. Quality Product

I have purchased four of these now for members of staff who require one. The build quality is excellent and the movement is smooth and light even with the weight of dual monitors. I am certain we will be making further orders.

Great quality product. Easy to Setup

well built east to use and set up, seems a nice and well made product, very happy with my purchase

Excellent sitting/standing solution

Very happy with this YoYo desk. The build quality is excellent and the operation is very slick. Very, very simple to construct. Does way a fair bit, so make sure your desk is strong enough. Real good solution for those looking for a slick sitting/standing work solution.

Senior Professional Tutor in Teacher Education

Compact, easy to adjust and looks good! Happy customer!

No brainer

life changing-once you get used to it, which takes a few weeks.
Hamstrings no where near as tight & easy to do squats all day long!

Yo Yo Desk 90

It is well made and easy to adjust up and down. I have found it to be a very helpful alternative way of working.

Yo-Yo Desk 90

Rik has been very helpful from when we ordered our 3 Yo-Yo Desk 90's to delivery. The product is sturdy and blends in well with our white desks in our office.

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Mrs Joan Crowley Working for G A Barnie Group Inverness/Elgin/Wi

This is the best piece of equipment that I have used in such a long time and so pleased my firm decided to buy for me. Very easy to install and use excellent

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Wonderful product. Great Standing desk.

?I really love my new Yo-Yo DESK. I chose the Yo-Yo DESK 90 over the MINI size because i have 2 monitors and i needed the extra space. I used the Varidesk before, but the Yo-Yo goes higher and is less clunky when adjusting the height from sitting to standing. ?

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Yo-Yo DESK 90

Yo-Yo DESK 90

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