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Benefits of a Monitor Arm

Top 6 Benefits
  • Better Health

    a more comfortable and healthier workstation results in fewer aches and pains, higher productivity & more creative thinking
  • Safety & Comfort

    by adjusting your screen to the correct height and angle you will reduce the risks of neck, shoulder, back pain
  • Ergonomic Control

    to raise, lower, swivel, tilt, angle your screen means you can continue to work in optimum position when working at both sitting and standing positions
  • Increase Productivity

    multiple screens can increase work efficiency by up to 20%. Significant time savings will result by reduction of time taken to switch between screen tabs
  • Reduce Stress

    head and shoulders in a healthy position means you avoid aggravating nerve ‘pinch points’ that can lead to stress, tension headaches and fatigue
  • Minimise Eye Strain

    monitor arms enable you to fix your screen at the optimum recommended distance for vision
CAUTION – health experts warn that working daily from Laptops Screens over prolonged periods may result in serious musculoskeletal health risks increasing. A monitor arm and screen should be used for basic health and safety when working from home.
Passionate about the wellness of our customers, we offer our customers 30% OFF MONITOR ARMS if purchased with a sit-stand desk or desk converter. *Visit our Special Offers page for full terms and conditions.
*Visit our Special Offers page for full terms and conditions.
Other Benefits
  • Neat & Tidy: raising your monitor up off the desktop, clears up space
  • Tidier: making it easier to keep your desktop clear and clutter free
  • Save Time: quicker to locate documents and stationery