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Optimum solutions

We will tailor the optimum solutions for your budget

Adding value

FREE education and training to maximise the wellness returns

Save money

We own a number of best-selling brands, allows you to save more

Extended warranties

Available for limited range of solutions.

The Difference

We stock a wide range of our active office furniture. We pride ourselves on fast project turnaround.

  • Affordably priced high-quality solutions
  • Lower and more transparent pricing
  • Unique focus on wellness solutions. Experts on sit-stand, ergonomic seating and accessories
  • With faster stock turnaround we deliver faster project timelines
Traditional Competitors
  • Multiple dealer commissions increase the prices
  • Intransparent pricing. Higher prices to show higher discounts
  • Primary focus is traditional static furniture. Ergonomic products stocked as a “disability” range
  • Indirect sourcing, higher prices & longer timelines can be 3 – 6 months
Bulk Savings

The more you purchase the more you SAVE.

We can also protect your discount level for future add on orders made within 12 months.

Case Studies

Sit-Stand.Com® continues to grow healthily. In less than 5 years we have turned 20,000 customers active and sold over 200,000 active office solutions moving up/down throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. We go further to get more people sitting less and moving more to deliver improved wellness and productivity.


"ELEMIS® is a lifestyle brand, and we know that having a healthy working environment is important for the wellbeing of staff. Installing Yo-Yo DESKS® for the team has lifted the atmosphere in our offices - literally!"

Unit 2 Games

"Because looking after my staff is a top priority, DeskPro® standing desks from Sit-Stand.Com® were literally the first thing I purchased when I set up this company. As a computer software business, we are leading edge in everything we do."

Jaguar Building Services

“At a time when all businesses are having to re-think the way they operate and accommodate staff, Jaguar Building Services is not only helping clients develop their facilities to be Covid-19 compliant – it is also ensuring its own teams can operate in a safe”

Some of our Active Working Customers