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Bulk Sales | Sit-Stand.Com®

Mental Health

Reduce stress and fatigue by increasing oxygen flow, endorphins and blood circulation

Physical Health

Sit-Stand solutions reduce the risks of “Sitting Disease”. Increasing metabolic rate, improving posture and back health


Routine tasks are performed quicker, more positively and with greater goal focus

The Difference

We pride ourselves on high quality, affordable prices and fast turnaround.

  • Focused proposition - we sell wellness and are experts in active furniture, solutions and accessories.
  • Affordable high-quality solutions built to last
  • Yo-Yo DESK® is a sister company, reducing costs and prices
  • We carry full stock, so timelines can be reduced to days
  • Passionate customer support
Other Office Furniture Companies
  • Typically non-specialist and sell static desking
  • “Ergonomic products” including standing desks are priced higher, with less choice
  • Source products indirectly, resulting in higher commissions and higher prices
  • Project timelines can be 3 – 6 months
  • Less passionate about wellness solutions, and sit-stand especially

Optimum solutions

We tailor the optimum solutions for your budget requirements

Adding value

FREE education and training to maximise the wellness returns on your investment

Save money

Owned by the UK’s #1 standing desk brand Yo-Yo DESK®, we can offer the highly competitive pricing

Extended warranties

Buy in confidence with longer warranties, up to 7 years

Bulk Savings

The more you purchase the more you SAVE.

We protect your discount level for future “top up” orders made within 12 months.

Case Studies

Sit-Stand.Com® continues to grow rapidly. In less than 7 years we have made 25,000 customers move more. Selling over 300,000 active office solutions moving up/down/around the UK, Europe and the World. We go further to get people sitting less and moving more, so we can improve our customer’s wellness and productivity.


"ELEMIS® is a lifestyle brand, and we know that having a healthy working environment is important for the wellbeing of staff. Installing
Yo-Yo DESKS® for the team has lifted the atmosphere in our offices - literally!"

Unit 2 Games

"Because looking after my staff is a top priority, Yo-Yo DESK® PRO standing desks from
Sit-Stand.Com® were literally the first thing I purchased when I set up this company. As a computer software business, we are leading edge in everything we do."

Jaguar Building Services

“At a time when all businesses are having to re-think the way they operate and accommodate staff, Jaguar Building Services is not only helping clients develop their facilities to be Covid-19 compliant – it is also ensuring its own teams can operate in a safe”

Tax Relief
Sit-Stand Payback Calculator
Expert Installations

Each member of the team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of professional service on both installation and logistics:

  • CSCS registered
  • Carry comprehensive toolkits
  • Conversant in material handling techniques
  • First aid and health & safety knowledge
  • Personal touch
Expert Installations
Some of our Active Working Customers