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We are passionate to improve the wellness of our environment. Our sustainability drive continues and includes:

Growing Trees

For EVERY DESK purchased we donate £1 to plant a tree with the National Forest So far, we've helped plant 8,965,000 trees.

FSC Certification

All our desktops are FSC certified, an environmental label that ensures that the production of wood-based product respects procedures that guarantee the sustainable management of forests.

Eco Packaging

All solutions supplied by Sit-Stand.Com must have 100% ECO packaging.

We have removed polystyrene from inner packaging and have implanted a zero tolerance policy regarding non-sustainable materials.

  • 1 It is our duty to ensure our packaging is robust, eco-friendly and fully recyclable.
  • 2 Suppliers are 100% compliant with our eco-packaging policy include:
  • 3 New suppliers must deliver 100% sustainable product and packaging solutions.