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Passionate to improve the wellness of our environment, our sustainability drive includes:

FSC Certification

All our desktops are FSC certified, an environmental label that ensures that the production of wood-based product respects procedures that guarantee the sustainable management of forests.

Eco Packaging

Yo-Yo DESK® products have 100% cardboard ECO packaging removing plastics and polystyrene from inner packaging.

Recycled Materials

Most of our products are partially made from recycled materials. We strive to increase the percentage year by year.

Solar Power

Our warehouse is powered by electric solar panels.

Electric Vehicles

All our company cars are 100% electric powered.

Growing Trees

For EVERY DESK purchased we donate £1 to plant a tree with the National Forest So far, we've helped plant 8,965,000 trees.

  • 1 It is our duty to ensure our packaging is robust, eco-friendly and fully recyclable.
  • 2 Suppliers are 100% compliant with our eco-packaging policy include:
  • 3 New suppliers must deliver 100% sustainable product and packaging solutions.