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School kids benefit from improved learning and performance using standing desks

While the Government’s new Childhood Obesity Report (published in May 2018) focused largely on the impact of food choices on childhood obesity, it is pleasing to see a passing mention of the importance of active lifestyles. It’s a subject that will doubtless be the focus of continuing separate study, but as a company whose products aim to create a healthier working environment, we support any way the state helps promote the message that staying active is vital for good health.

As Dr James Nobles, Whole Systems Obesity Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University, told the Commons Health and Social Care Committee: “We cannot expect treatment programmes to be efficacious in the longterm if people’s environments are not salutogenic.”

This applies as much to the classroom as it does to the workplace. Reassuringly, some enlightened headteachers are already making the effort to health-up the learning environment.

Head Jackie Chalk from Seend Primary in Wiltshire used part of her activity development budget to buy a class-load of our LearnFit® standing desks for her Year 5/6 pupils, with the goal of boosting their health and wellbeing and improving academic performance in their crucial SATs year.

Marshfield Primary in Bradford is another state school that is trying to improve pupil wellbeing by reducing sedentary time for pupils with the help of our adjustable Freedesk product. Headteacher Victoria Hartfield snapped up 30 of these stylish desk risers the minute she saw them. Her school is part of the Born in Bradford study, tracking the health and wellbeing of more than 13,500 children and their parents.

Under the Government’s childhood obesity plan, revenue in England will be invested in programmes to reduce obesity, encourage physical activity and balanced diets for school-age children. Some £160m per year will go to primary schools for the PE and sports premium, plus £415m through a new Healthy Pupils capital programme to help pupils from primary to sixth-form benefit from healthier, more active lifestyles.

Rik Mistry, Sit-Stand.Com’s Head of Business Development, says: “It’s great to hear that budgets are becoming available for schools to invest in the health and wellbeing of the next generation. We are already experiencing growing interest and demand from schools and colleges for our adjustable low-cost standing desks.

“Getting the active working message across early not only helps prevent issues such as child obesity but also helps boost creativity and energy levels – vital to help youngsters perform at their best. We believe that adjustable standing desks will go from nice-to-have to must-have for schools over the coming years.”

Watch out for the launch of our new products aimed at children and the education sector later this year…