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Dangerous sitting levels have doubled under lockdown

More of us are sitting for longer, yet 90% of staff believe their boss cares about their health - and the number of those using a standing desk has soared in the last 12 months.

Health chief Matt Hancock is a standing desk convert

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says every business should encourage employees to use sit-stand desks, just like him.

Standing at work makes for better, happier, healthier workers: OFFICIAL

BMJ reports positive results from year-long study of standing desk usage by UK health workers. It’s official: using a Yo-Yo Desk® at work WILL improve both your health and your productivity.

School kids benefit from improved learning and performance using standing desks

While the Government’s new Childhood Obesity Report (published in May 2018) focused largely on the impact of food choices on childhood obesity, it is pleasing to see a passing mention of the importance of active lifestyles.

How to Stay Young? BBC TV features Yo-Yo Desk®

Using a Yo-Yo Desk® from Sit-Stand.Com helped ex-policeman shed 13 YEARS off his body age in BBC’s How to Stay Young experiment.

Could Standing Up Be The Secret To Gaming Success?

If like many millions of others, you relax after a day at work or study with a gaming session, perhaps you worry that you’re spending too long seated. Increasingly, gamers are upgrading their set-up to include a standing desk – not just to bring a change of posture to the party, but also to improve performance.

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