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Standing at work makes for better, happier, healthier workers: OFFICIAL

BMJ reports positive results from year-long study of standing desk usage by UK health workers

It’s official: using a Yo-Yo Desk® at work WILL improve both your health and your productivity.

A study by health researchers at the University of Leicester has established that NHS staff who used sit-stand desks for a year experienced benefits including:

  • reduced sitting time
  • improved job performance
  • better engagement levels
  • less work-related fatigue
  • better quality of life
  • reduced anxiety

The workers were supported with advice – similar to the Sit-Stand.Com® user guidelines that we supply to every customer – along with targets and occasional info boosters to help remind them to make the regular switch between sitting and standing. Results were checked at three, six and 12 months.

Effectiveness of the Stand More AT Work (SMArT) standing desk intervention is reported in the British Medical Journal as well as on the BBC website and Daily Telegraph, amongst others.

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