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Office Wellness

Responsible Employers rush to equip home-workers for healthier prolonged WFH

The traditional "office empire" is experiencing radical change as we move towards a new future where Working From Home (WFH) becomes the "new norm" for millions of us. More and more companies are completely re-thinking their workplace strategy and this means it is highly probable we will experience a complete flip in the acceptance of WFH as our primary workplace. The future office will be the place we travel into less frequently and more specifi

Working from home essentials

Many of us are having to hastily transform a corner of the house into a makeshift workstation as more and more businesses ask their office workers to work from home. If you are one of the millions in this situation, it is important to make sure you do it properly to ensure you apply the basic measures to improve your health, posture and productivity.

Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE wins TV doc’s vote for workplace calorie burn

Sit-Stand.Com® products prove that staying active at work is the best way of burning off snack calories, confirms a new episode of Channel 4’s popular How to Lose Weight Well show.

Sehr gut! Yo-Yo DESK® wins top German award

Testers at Germany’s Ask George organisation – the equivalent of the UK’s Which? have declared our Yo-Yo DESK® MINI ‘best desk riser’, giving it close to top marks in a comparison test against other brands.

How Best to Use a Standing Desk?

Many office workers who spend most of their day at a desk complain of neck, shoulder or back pain. This pain is often caused by poor posture. Slouching over a keyboard can lead to hunched shoulders. This constant tension can cause tight back and shoulder muscles that ache even after the workday ends.

Its Official Best Standing desk! Our new FLYTTA® awarded Best Buy by Independent Newspaper

Great quality, easy to use and a fabulous price make the latest addition to our sit-stand desk range top choice in the Indy/Best ratings.

NHS standing desks help keep staff healthy

Sit-Stand.Com desks are helping boost workplace activity levels at the offices of Bury and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust – including treadmill work stations.

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