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NHS standing desks help keep staff healthy

Sit-Stand.Com desks are helping boost workplace activity levels at the offices of Bury and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust – including treadmill work stations.

The NHS doesn’t just help keep us healthy, but as the country’s biggest employer, it works hard to keep its own staff in good health too.

That’s why Daniel Lythgoe, MD of the Bury and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust has made sure staff at two of his Trust’s offices have access to a range of active Sit-Stand.Com desks.

He explains: “When we had an office move, we wanted to promote health and wellbeing for staff within the Trust. Previously, employees were being given appropriate equipment only once they had reported a problem. We took the decision to be preventative rather than reactive, bringing in standing desks in order to motivate staff to stay healthy and active during the working day.”

Not only has he installed some 15 of our best-selling Yo-Yo Desk®, but staff even have access to a couple of our treadmill desks, so they walk as they work.

The walking desks are located in a small meeting room, so staff can go in there to work solo when it’s available, or to have a one-to-one meeting, when either one or both of the parties clocks up steps while they work.

Daniel says: “We find the treadmills are most popular when the weather’s bad; otherwise we try and encourage staff to get some fresh air with a walking meeting. I would recommend getting two treadmill desks rather than just one: our set up works very well.”

As for the Yo-Yo Desks®: “Some people use them regularly and rarely sit down to work. They have been a success.”

Looking to improve health, motivation, productivity levels in your office? Get in touch for advice on the standing desk set-up that will best suit your workplace: no one knows standing desks like our sales team.