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Celebrating 10 Years of Get Britain Standing: A Decade of Movement
Celebrating 10 Years of Get Britain Standing | Yo-Yo DESK®
Celebrating 10 Years of Get Britain Standing | Yo-Yo DESK®

Celebrating 10 Years of Get Britain Standing: A Decade of Movement

The Get Britain Standing campaign this year marks a decade dedicated to drawing attention to the plethora of health risks associated with prolonged sedentary behaviour and identifying easy solutions to help us sit less and move more in the workplace and delivering life-changing benefits all over the UK.

In so doing , the campaign has revolutionised the way we work and led to the massive increase in awareness of the sedentary problem and rapid introduction of standing desks, now a common solution to improve our physical and mental health!

As we celebrate the achievements of the Get Britain Standing campaign, it is important we reflect on the campaign's journey, its impact, and the valuable lessons workplaces are benefiting from.

The Get Britain Standing campaign launched in March 2014 by founder Gavin Bradley, originated from his interest in standing desks during a visit to a drug and alcohol charity in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2013. Intrigued by research featured on the BBC's "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor," presented by Dr. Michael Mosley, Gavin delved into the work of Professor John Buckley at Shrewsbury University. Buckley's research revealed that post-meal standing or light activities led to steadier blood sugar levels compared to prolonged sitting.

Motivated to understand the "sitting disease" and the absence of health guidance on reducing sitting time, Gavin conducted extensive desk research and interviews with academic researchers of sedentary behavior. Engaging with workplace associations, public health bodies, health charities, and office furniture suppliers, he discovered a perceived "lack of evidence." However, a growing international evidence base, though fragmented and underfunded, highlighted a pressing need for physical activity interventions.

Recognizing that 70% of sitting time occurs in offices, Gavin launched a targeted campaign to simplify the sitting disease and evidence base for the general public. Addressing escalating obesity, mental health, and diabetes issues, the campaign advocated for basic physical activity interventions, such as standing desks and walking meetings, to be prescribed as solutions.

Entering its 10th year, the movement has transformed work approaches by encouraging more movement, challenging the status quo, and promoting a dynamic, health-conscious workplace. As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration, a series of articles will delve into a decade of Get Britain Standing, offering insights and reflections on the wealth of information gathered over the years. Stay tuned for this exciting lineup.

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What is Active Working?

Active Working, a community interest company founded by Gavin, spearheads the Get Britain Standing campaign. Over three years, it established a hub for evidence-based workplace research, showcased at Active Working Summits endorsed by Dame Sally Davis, the former Chief Medical Officer of Public Health England. These Summits, featuring international collaborations with scientific and workplace experts, aimed to guide employers toward optimal active working solutions. The initiative, focusing on staff well-being, productivity, and engagement, as well as reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, aims to deliver cost savings. Notably, 70% of office workers' sedentary behavior occurs at work, prompting Active Working to curate concise content and target campaigns in the U.K., emphasizing health risks associated with prolonged sitting and presenting a compelling business case for active working implementation.

What We Can Expect to Learn in 2024

One of the cornerstones of the campaign has been the Active Working Summits. We’ll reflect on past events, highlighting the best insights gained from industry leaders and experts, and the impactful lessons that have shaped our approach to Active Working.

We’ll also take a deep dive into the campaign's achievements and challenges, providing a panoramic view of its impact on workplace health. We’ll explore the strides made and hurdles overcome in the pursuit of a more dynamic work culture, and take a look at what the future holds.

We’ll also uncover 10 of the most compelling reasons why a standing desk is not just a piece of office furniture but an essential component of your well-being toolkit! You’ll discover how it contributes to a healthier, more productive workspace.

Drawing from a decade of commitment, we’ll also share 10 key insights into staying active at work. These lessons are a testament to the campaign's dedication to keeping Britain moving, one workspace at a time.

We’ll also delve into the myriad of benefits of incorporating standing desks into the office environment. From enhanced health to increased productivity, discover 10 top ways this shift in workspace design positively impacts your work life.

But of course, the modern work landscape extends beyond the office. That’s why we’ll explore practical tips for maintaining an active lifestyle when working from home, and offer actionable advice for a more dynamic remote work experience.

Crucially, we’ll also explore the profound link between physical activity and mental well-being. This fact underscores the campaign's commitment to not only physical health but also fostering healthier minds in the workplace through movement.

Plus, we’ll celebrate the stories of individuals whose lives have undergone a positive transformation through the Get Britain Standing campaign and a switch to a more active philosophy toward work. These success stories illustrate the real impact of prioritising movement, and will hopefully inspire you too!

We’ll also help you to break the monotony of the workday with 10 creative office exercises. Discover inventive ways to integrate movement into your routine, promoting better health and well-being within the confines of your workspace.

Education around the topic is so important, and it’s one of the things we’re most passionate about here at Yo-Yo DESK® and one of the core principles of the Get Britain Standing campaign! Join us as we explore the correlation between education and standing desk usage, and help you to understand how knowledge about the basics can significantly boost the adoption of standing desks in various workplaces.

Finally, we’ll hear from elite athletes, authors, and politicians, including Dame Kelly Holmes, endurance athlete Mark Lewis, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, and even Winston Churchill. You’ll gain insights into their experiences with standing desks and their perspectives on this ergonomic solution.

A Decade of Movement, A Future of Well-Being with Yo-Yo DESK®

From innovative office exercises to insights from Active Working Summits, the Get Britain Standing campaign has been a fount of knowledge on incorporating movement into our daily professional lives. Beyond encouraging physical movement, the campaign has been a voice advocating for holistic wellness.

As we embark on this journey of reflection and learning, we invite you to check in regularly for these articles and more informative content. Whether it's uncovering the secrets of successful office exercises, delving into success stories, or understanding the profound link between movement and mental health—there's a wealth of information waiting for you.

And don't forget to browse Yo-Yo DESK®'s full range of ergonomic standing desks—an embodiment of our commitment to a healthier, more active work environment. Explore executive standing desks, standing desks for your home office, standing desk converters, and much more, and take a step towards a balanced work-life routine, starting with the right ergonomic solutions.

Stay tuned for a year of engaging content, celebrating a decade of movement with Get Britain Standing and Yo-Yo DESK®.

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