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How to Boost Workplace Wellbeing Within Your Business

How to Boost Workplace Wellbeing Within Your Business

Workplace wellbeing is essential (not a nice-to-have) and more and more businesses now recognise the importance of investing in staff health and wellness.

What is workplace wellbeing?

Work is about more than having a team of employees who turn up, do the job then go home again. Workplace wellbeing covers every element of office life, ranging from productivity, company ethos, corporate responsibility and sustainability to work hours, working conditions and recruitment practices.

Some are easier to address than others, particularly for smaller businesses which can make improvements faster with limited resources. Among the simplest and most effective change is to make sure that your workplace set-up is promoting staff health rather than damaging it.

The importance of workplace wellbeing

Health and safety legislation gives a baseline for ensuring we do not come to harm while we work, but Government and health services are increasingly urging both workers and employers to think more and act beyond the minimum in order to improve staff experiences and outcomes.

An unhappy, unhealthy workforce poses an existential risk to your company. Healthier staff, however, are more likely to perform well, take fewer sick days, act as ambassadors for your company and remain in your employment for longer

Sit-Stand.Com can help you create the perfect workplace set-up

Whether your staff operate from home, from the office or a mixture of the two, our expert team can advise on the best active working solutions for your bespoke budget and location.

We recommend a combination of four key items for healthy working habits:

  1. An adjustable standing desk. Our broad selection of recommended desks includes the Yo-Yo Standing Desk Converters which comes in a variety of widths and styles and is designed to sit atop an existing desk or table, transforming any surface into a standing desk. See too our full-sized electrically operated standing desks the award-winning Yo-Yo DESK PRO and Flytta ranges - with a variety of settings, desktop finishes and shapes to fit every work lay-out
  2. An anti-fatigue mat. A supportive mat is vital for healthy active working. Our Yo-Yo MAT and other active standing solutions both support joints and encourage gentle ongoing movements to keep your metabolism engaged and keep you moving through the working day.
  3. A monitor arm. Key to health and comfort is setting your monitor at the correct height, angle and distance. A monitor arm enables this while also improving your productivity by helping keep your desk clear and maximising space in your working set-up.
  4. Active seating. An active seating solution differs from a chair in that it encourages frequent movement even when you are in a seated position, making it difficult for you to remain static. This engages core muscle groups, helps keep your hips slanting forwards and moves your back into positive alignment to help prevent back problems and slouching.

The beauty of buying through Sit-Stand.Com is that our expert team can advise on which solutions will suit you and help you choose the best value combination throughout our exclusive ‘bundle offers’. Remember too that Sit-Stand.Com offers a FREE 30-day trial to ensure you are 100% happy with your active working solutions