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How to Use a Standing Desk

How to Use a Standing Desk

These days the opportunity to stand at your desk at work is no longer a trend, but an essential choice for our health and well-being.

At Yo-Yo DESK®, we have been a driving force in championing the transformative benefits of incorporating standing desks into your workspace and championing the importance of movement in the workplace. As standing desks continue to become more commonplace in modern offices, understanding the proper way to use them is crucial. Our ergonomic sit-stand desks have been especially designed to make it easy to use and we provide all the best practise guidance to enhance your productivity, health, and collaborative spirit at work.

It’s important to remember, it's not just about standing; it's about standing correctly and understanding that standing puts you in position to move more. Research reveals that there are optimal ways to leverage the benefits of standing desks, and it all comes down to having the correct ergonomic standing desk position. Let's delve into the science of standing properly at your desk for a healthier and more productive work experience.

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Why You Should Be Using a Standing Desk

It helps to better understand the reasons we need to avoid the risks of prolonged and excessive sedentary behaviour? In modern office dynamics, the typical workday often involves up to 7 or 8 hours in front of a computer screen, offering little room for standing and movement. This sedentary lifestyle can contribute to various health issues, with back pain being a common concern.

Integrating a Yo-Yo DESK® sit-to-stand desk into your workspace can be a game-changer. These standing desks are designed to seamlessly blend with your workflow, allowing you to naturally increase the time spent on your feet without disrupting your tasks. It's an ergonomic solution that promotes a healthier work routine.

However, it's crucial to understand that having a standing desk alone doesn't automatically eliminate the challenges associated with extended periods of sitting. To truly reap the benefits and avoid potential pitfalls, there are specific practices you need to follow.

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How to Set Up Your Standing Desk

Firstly, you need to choose the right desk! Incorporate a quality height-adjustable standing desk like the award-winning Yo-Yo DESK® PRO 2, offering a seamless way to enhance overall health, performance, and productivity in your workspace. Opt for one deep enough to accommodate your monitor directly in front of you, positioned at least 20 inches away. This ensures an optimal ergonomic set-up for your adjustable office desk.

Unlock the full potential of your standing desk by implementing these ergonomic practices, creating a workspace that promotes health, comfort, and productivity:

  • Set the platform height at your standing elbow position.
  • Align the keyboard and mouse as you would in a sitting position.
  • Keep the monitor height between horizontal and 35 degrees below.
  • Wear supportive footwear and use an anti-fatigue mat where possible, as this will encourage you to move your feet more, which encourages blood flow and helps you keep standing more comfortably and with better posture.
  • Utilise a footrest or anti-fatigue mat for weight shifting or shift your weight between legs occasionally.
  • Ensure cables and layout don't impede desk adjustments.
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How to Stand at Your Standing Desk

When embracing the advantages of a standing desk, it's imperative to understand the right ergonomic posture to maximise its benefits. Maintain a vertical alignment of your neck, head, legs, and torso. Invest in an anti-fatigue mat for weight shifting and avoiding the risks of static standing, and choose supportive footwear. Your ergonomic workstation promotes an upright spine and relaxed shoulders, contributing to a balanced and comfortable stance.

It’s important to maintain a neutral body position when using your standing desk. Follow these tips for the best ergonomic performance:

  • Keep hands, wrists, and forearms straight and parallel to the floor.
  • Maintain a level and forward-facing head.
  • Ensure an erect spine and relaxed shoulders.
  • Bend elbows at approximately 90 degrees, close to the body.
  • Avoid twisting the upper torso.
  • Align the monitor between horizontal and 30 degrees below, preferably at eye level or slightly below.
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How Long Should I Spend Standing vs. Sitting?

Striking the ideal balance between sitting and standing is crucial for maximising the benefits of your Yo-Yo DESK® sit-stand desk solution. The optimal range is to break up sitting every 30 minutes with 5-10 minutes of standing. And then try to walkabout for 2 – 5 minutes every hour too. The secret is to keep breaking it up, turning on your metabolism as standing is the 1st gear of physical activity, when metabolic rate increased by 40% compared to sitting.

The essence lies in fluidity—alternating your position as needed. It's essential to allow your body time to acclimatise to this new routine and make gradual adjustments when switching to a standing desk. Research suggests that some users may revert to prolonged sitting after an initial trial period. To harness the advantages of varied body positions, consistency is key. Ensure you maintain this dynamic approach to experience the long-term benefits.

Moreover, don't overlook the importance of breaks away from the computer. Alleviating eye strain and diversifying the positions of your head, upper body, arms, and hands is pivotal for holistic well-being. We encourage a nuanced approach to sitting and standing, aligning with your health needs and fostering a healthier and more adaptive work routine.

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Get Started with Yo-Yo DESK®

Embracing the versatility of your new Yo-Yo DESK® standing desk is a transformative step towards a healthier work lifestyle. The benefits of alternating between sitting and standing positions are numerous, promoting productivity, comfort, and overall well-being.

So take charge of your health by exploring Yo-Yo DESK®'s range of ergonomic standing desks and browse executive standing desks, home office standing desks, standing desk converters, and much more. Our carefully crafted solutions align with the principles of dynamic work, empowering you to create an adaptive workspace that suits your unique needs.

We aim to Get Britain Standing! For more insightful tips, detailed information, and engaging content on enhancing your work experience, visit our blog section and let Yo-Yo DESK® be your guide to a more comfortable, active, and productive workday.

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